Cleaning Hard or Hardly Cleaning?

Do you ever find yourself putting off tasks such as cleaning your apartment or home? To the point where things start piling up, and then the longer you wait, the less you want to do it? And then finally, finally you dig up some motivation to tackle it all in a weekend?

Doing all your cleaning at once can feel rewarding and like you have a brand new home, but letting it get to that level isn’t the best idea for your own sanity or your guests. What you need to begin doing is tidying up here and there from day to day and you’ll never have to clean such a large mess at once.

But here’s the thing: continuous cleaning from day to day is for people who are on top of every single task in their life. If you’re an average Joe like us, then you do get build ups in certain rooms that show you’ve neglected cleaning it.

If you do know that it’s much needed, though, there are a few ways to break down the entire chore so that it doesn’t seem so daunting. Here are a few different ways you can tackle sprucing up the place.

Room by room.

Sometimes it just makes sense to tackle your house one room at a time. You could begin by picking up anything that is out of its intended place, especially because a lot of those things will be strewn out across the floor.

Also, it’s better to bring along some sort of bags or shipping supplies like cardboard boxes to toss any unwanted trash into. By doing this, you’re saving time by not walking back and forth to the trash in some other room.

Task by task.

Rather than do it room by room, doing one task at a time works better for my personal cleaning habits. While there’s not as much of an immediate payoff, it helps me to focus on perfecting the one task I’m doing so that it’s completely finished from one room to the next across the house. Picking things up and putting them in storage or the correct places is the first thing I do. From there, the floors and counters are much clearer, so I can begin wiping things down or sweeping.

Whether you need a gameplan before tackling your cleaning rampage or just need a few shipping supplies out in the open for trash, having something to get you up and off the couch to begin is the key to just getting it done.


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